Why Are People So Against Paying for Apps?

As is paying for something is that bad

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The Prices of Apps aren’t High Yet...

If you take a look at what the apps of games cost you can only come to one conclusion. The prices of the apps aren’t all that high. A couple of bux, pounds, euro or whatever your currency is tops. And you get good value for what you pay. Usually.

The Real Reason People Don’t Want to Pay

As we concluded before, it’s not the price. The prices are all right. Yet, to understand why nobody likes to pay for apps we need to go back in time a bit. Not ages, no let’s say 10 years.

Most People Don’t Realize This About Apps

Most people use apps more than software these days. We’re always on our phones. I’m even typing this article on my phone right now. I also read 99% of the Medium articles on my phone too.

Closing Thoughts

People won’t most likely not be wanting to pay for apps for quite some time. We still don’t realize the status that apps have right now. Thinking they’re inferior compared to software. And yes, in some rare situations they are but for most editing, planning, reading, and gaming purposes we can perfectly use an app.

My name is Lars. I'm 27 years old and I live in Austria. Originally I'm from the Netherlands

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